How to Train Your Voice

We all sound unique when we sing because our vocal cords and the size and shape of the vocal cords is different, people who practice singing high notes initially are trained or learn to project sound in certain way so that it resonates better within their vocal tracts, this is known as vocal resonation. Another important influence in the way we sound is based on the function of the Larynx (The hollow muscular organ forming an air passage to the lungs and holding the vocal cords ie: the voice box)

The Larynx helps us to influence to produce different sounds and manipulate our voice at times. The way we sound, pitch volume and tone particularly matches with the most sensitive part of the ear’s frequency range.

Classification of singing voices: Voices are treated as instruments sometimes confused right! Well let’s see In European, Classic and Opera singers are used to focus mainly on the voice and song without any music so in these particular forms of singing the Persons voice projects as the music and song too. The important aim of the trainers or teachers is to help the individual learn vocal development and how to sing to their natural extents which is nothing but the range and pure voice which is comfortable to attain using various techniques such as larynx’s action, breath support, resonance adjustment and articulator movements and when all of these work together in sync the voice is most effective and well coordinated.